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is it okay to sleep with someone to get sonething in return?

well if they know thats what youre doing the only reason it wouldnt be okay is if sex was dirty or immoral in some way

i thought we were over that

woman… uses her body???
how dare she

i am a big waste of space

okay… im gonna take some drugs and try and sleep

something that apparently help with anxiety cause my heart rate is crazy and maybe something for sleeping

when i saw the lights i just walked straight towards them

like a fuckin moth

i was trying to sleep on the park bench when i heard them talk about me before driving off in the police van

when i heard the sound of a helicopter overhead and the bright blue lights

it took ages to move away i was so scared theyd caught me

all this and i was sitting on a bench 

i know why they were worried. they thought i would try to kill myself

i planned to

i couldnt do anything i dont know why

so i just kept walking

three blinding bright lights

a police officers shoes

shaking in the back of the van

panic in an ambulance

i should… shut up

…most of them were from the police

…im gonna listen to them

boggycomics replied to your post “fun facts when i first got referred to mental health services the…”

They always ask that regardless of Who you are.

trust me… i know

its just that that was the first thing that interested me

who am i indirectly blogging about this time???

its a mystery

if ANYONE else talked about their problems i would believe them and feel bad… but when its you i just find myself rolling my eyes

why… does this one person annoy me 300 times more than anyone else…